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About Our Landscaping Services

We understand that a healthy and well kept landscape can be a challenge. We at Nashville Landscaper desire to help you receive the lawn care you deserve. 

We provide essential services for maintaining electrical infrastructures, assistance for storm clean-up and disaster response, and help ensure public safety through tree risk assessment and maintenance, while also taking care of invasive species and injurious pest mitigation.

Communication and transparency is critical right now, so we have listed our most frequently asked questions to help keep you informed.

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We operate throughout the Nashville area. Our services may expand, but we are committed to providing the best horticultural, environmental, and outstanding client service.

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For basic lawn care needs and landscape help. Grass cutting, trimming, planting.



For consistent lawn care, property upkeep, and tree services to ensure a healthy environment.



Extended care and assistance for continued landscape needs. Advice and fertilization.



Monthly check ups and routine landscape upkeep for residential and commercial locations.

Nashville Landscaping FAQ

For lawns located in Middle Tennessee, we recommend watering your landscape deeply and infrequently at least once a week. Roughly One inch of water.

Having your grass cut the right height — we recommend right at or just about three inches — will promote growth and prevent damage to your grass that my cause stress that could negatively impact your lawn. Proper grass height and alternating trimming patterns, will make your lawn healthier — this allows for shading, will fight against weed growth and can even protect your grass against insect damages.

When selling your home, the  beauty of a well-kept landscape is often one of the first details any prospective buyers will notice. An attractive and well-maintained lawn filled with vibrant plantlife add curb appeal and bring about a welcoming aesthetic. A well-landscaped property can increase your whole value by 10% – 15%, so taking your landscape project seriously could add significant value to your home.

Consistent and the maintenance of your home’s irrigation system can greatly help reduce water waste and improve plant growth and vibrancy. Maintenance is fairly simple. You should check the system at least two times every season (when it is first turned on and about halfway through the season). Regular inspection and care may include inspecting the controller, updating any times or dates, checking all wiring, replacing batteries, and checking each zone for damages.

Fertilizing your lawn is an important task to ensure ensure your lawn has the proper nutrients to encourage healthy growth and an attractive quality. In Middle Tennessee, Nashville, we recommend applying fertilizer once a year. Usually in the springtime.

Many people may assume springtime is the prime season for landscaping installations. However, the time for planting trees, shrubs and grass, the Fall is typically the best time for any landscaping or planting projects.The warm days and cool evenings along with increased precipitation assist new plant root growth and establishment. Planting during the Fall will give you six to eight months to get roots established before the heat of Summer, weeds will be less frequent and the soil temperature is still rather warm. However, for floral arrangements and flower beds, springtime is the best time for planting.

Landscape color theory refers to an aesthetic mixing of colors and how the combination of those colors visually effect the landscape and the human eye. Creating a relaxing feel, helping make small spaces seem larger, and attracting attention to an area, are a few examples of how landscape color theory aid in landscaping. When taking on a landscaping project there are four main color categories: primary, secondary, tertiary and neutral.

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