Landscaping Services for Businesses

Full-Service Commercial Landscaping

Nashville Landscaping offers the best professional, reliable commercial landscaping maintenance, design, and installing for businesses throughout the Nashville area. We will work tirelessly and closely with you during every stage of your project to determine the best design for your company. This will be entirely based on your budget, plant availability, and irrigation design. We will understand that our services do not end when the project is done, but will be extended as a long-term maintenance job. We’ll analyze the property and the landscape to help keep your commercial project affordable and beautiful for years and years to come.


Our team begins by analysing the property you have in order to build the perfect design for your landscaping needs. We are highly knowledgeable of every type of floral arrangement and plant that grows in every kind of soil and in each environment. Over the past few decades we have provided commercial landscaping services to the communities within the Nashville area, we have acquired the experience and expertise to provide the best designs and offerings for your business landscape. Before we begin the project, we will acquire your input on the designs and process to ensure your desired project becomes a reality.


Nashville Landscaping specializes in installing everything from landscapes to hardscapes. From patios and outdoor kitchens to raised bed flower gardens, rock gardens, and pergolas, our expert crew can place any and all landscaping elements exactly where they need to be. We desire to give life to your garden and outdoor spaces in order to provide exactly what you need. We will also provide a design draw up that’ll go perfectly with your project.


Once your landscaping and hardscaping project is complete, it is necessary to continue caring for it to prevent damage and wilting and to promote and encourage continued growth. We offer the best maintenance services including:

  • weeding
  • mulching
  • lawn mowing
  • planting
  • transplanting and transporting
  • leaf raking
  • and more!

We can also provide new plants and shrubs during the maintenance process. We will do our very best to help your current plants to thrive and for your landscape to look stunning all year long.

Our Commercial Services Include:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Driveways & Walkways
  • Landscape Design & Install
  • Hardscapes
  • Paver Patios
  • Outdoor Landscape Lighting
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Lawn Treatments
  • Mulching
  • Spring Clean Ups (Edge, Weed, Prune)
  • Tree & Shrub Trimming
  • Tree & Shrub Removal
  • Snow Removal

What Makes Our Landscape Services Different?

Plant Selection – All successful projects include a designer, landscape contractor, and a product provider (a grower, or several). Working closely with a landscape architect and/or designer, the necessary plants – trees, shrubs, groundcovers, grass, etc – are selected based on the environments health, availability, quality, and the purpose they’ll serve in the landscape plan.

Coordination of Trades – Many landscape and hardscape projects include a lot more than just plant material. Your project may include irrigation systems, landscape lighting, stone formations, sculptures, water features, perennials, and/or extensive grading. Nashville Landscaping has a proven and consistent track record when in comes to projects that involve numerous trades.

Plant Handling – Professional plant handling is a primary concern when constructing your perfect commercial landscape. Sometimes plants travel through several states in order to provide what is needed for your specific project. Proper planning by our landscape team enables us to plant in any month throughout the year.

Experienced Crews – We ensure that the people providing service for your company are properly trained and work effortlessly to provide the best quality of landscape Nashville has to offer – safely and effectively. Our crew leaders and members have years of experience working in the industry and a prepared to tackle any variety of projects. We required pre-employment drug testing and perform random screenings throughout the year.

Support Following Installation – Extended maintenance is a must with commercial landscaping projects. This means that once a project is done, it is not something that can just stand still and go untouched. Following every installation, Nashville Landscaping will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding plant care, extended assistance, and provide any information you may need post-project completion.