Installing a Beautiful Fountain Space Right in Your Backyard

Products for the Rock Fountain Job

Rock fountains make a terrific focal point or conversation piece for your patio area landscaping. They occasionally include granite items (as in this job) with holes drilled via the rock to accommodate the tubes. My 24-inch-tall granite column cost $250 (US) as well as has a round “window” shaped out of the rock, concerning 3/4 of the way up. The hole into which the tubing will be fed lives at the extremely bottom of the granite; the various other opening, through which the water will certainly spout, is found at the bottom of the circular window.

Such stone water fountains commonly depend on a grate spanning a fish pond, with both grate and also fish pond hidden by rocks. As a cost-cutting procedure, I improvisated by using a firewood grate (the kind that holds logs near a fire place) that I took place to have existing around, instead of going out and also getting a grate particularly for this job.

  • Materials
  • Grate
  • Preformed fish pond lining
  • Pump
  • Tubes for the pump
  • Sand
  • River rock
  • Other diverse rock
  • The stone fountain piece, itself
  • Shovel
  • Carpenter’s degree
  • Back brace

This job is simple, but challenging on the back; hence the addition of the last supply discussed. Those not in good physical shape are encouraged to have another person move granite rock pieces of this kind into location, as they are fairly hefty.

Since some individuals refer to such water features as “rock water fountains,” I make use of “stone water fountains” and also “rock fountains” interchangeably in this post.

In Step 2 we’ll excavate to start the rock water fountain installation … Exactly how to 

Set Up Rock Fountains: The Pond

Installation of rock fountains starts by digging deep into for the preformed pond liner, however excavation begins by developing a safe source of power for your pump (unless you already have one). Have a qualified electrical expert install a GFCI electrical outlet on your outer home wall, near where the rock fountain will certainly be.

Speaking of security, an additional step precedes the installment appropriate: calling the Call Prior to You Dig telephone number. Why take a chance on severing an utility cable television?

As claimed on Web page 1, the granite piece will relax over a fish pond, sustained by a grate. To develop the fish pond, put a preformed pond lining into the ground. I already had my preformed pond lining in place, given that I merely swapped out a prior fountain I had in this area for my new rock water fountain.

Below’s exactly how to install the preformed fish pond lining:

Dig deep into the pit right into which the preformed pond lining will certainly be placed. To begin, flip the preformed fish pond lining upside down and also trace around it to ensure that you’ll recognize exactly how big a circle to dig out.

Just how deep should you dig? Utilize the deepness of the preformed pond liner as a guideline. I would not worry excessively, however, over being off somewhat, because we’ll be utilizing sand later to make any type of changes regarded necessary.

Inserting the fish pond lining.

The top edge of the preformed pond lining ought to stand concerning an inch above ground degree. Don’t fret about its showing: you’ll be concealing it with rocks symphonious # 9. I have placed some rocks around it temporarily in the picture above just to give you a foretaste of that camouflage.

Check that the preformed fish pond liner is level, using a woodworker’s level. How did you do? Is it also? Otherwise, take out the preformed pond liner and make the necessary modifications by relocating the sand around (or adding or getting rid of sand).

With the excavation for the rock fountain’s fish pond off the beaten track, symphonious 3 we’ll move on to what goes on top of that fish pond … 

Metal Grate: Some Improvising

Rock water fountains such as the granite piece I made use of have an opening at the bottom, where you insert the pump’s tubing. However the rock fountain, for that reason, needs to be raised off the fish pond’s bottom (to ensure that you have accessibility to this hole). The remedy is to use a steel grate that will certainly sustain the stone fountain. The tubes requires to be able to move easily below both the rock water fountain and also the steel grate.

A number of various kinds of metal grates would certainly work here. Some might run across the top of the pond liner; unless extremely durable, this kind may require to be supported by concrete block put in the fish pond. Depending on the product of your grate and also on your personal preferences, you might want to repaint the grate to stop rusting (thanks to viewers, Carole for this pointer).

My grate (displayed in the picture below, together with the fish pond liner) is a bit different because, as pointed out earlier, I improvised as well as utilized an actors iron grate suggested for holding fire wood. As you can see from the picture, this steel grate will certainly fit perfectly within my pond liner. I had it available and also figured, “Hey, after spending $250 on a hunk of rock, why not save a little cash?”

Symphonious 4 you’ll see the steel grate in action … 

Setting up the Fountain Pump

Now we begin the stone water fountain job in earnest! Place the water fountain pump (with its tubing attached) under of the fish pond liner, and also position the grate over it. My grate has legs to keep it raised, giving a nice “real estate” for the pump as well as permitting me to maneuver the tubing at will. Additional facilitating access to the tubing is the truth that the grate doesn’t cover the whole surface area of the fish pond: there’s room for me to slip my hand beneath the grate– both at the front and at the back.

In Step 5, we’ll place the rock water fountain on the grate, and in Step 6 we’ll string the tubes via the grate as well as on up via the granite piece’s lower hole … 

Putting the Granite on the Grate

The last major aspect in developing the stone water fountain needs to be moved into placement currently: the granite piece.

Setting the stone fountain in the approximate facility of the grate. Currently reach under the grate to check for the hole at the bottom of the granite piece. If the grate is blocking the hole whatsoever, relocate the rock water fountain somewhat– till you have clear access to the hole.

With the stone fountain now located properly, symphonious 6 we’ll thread the tubing through it … 

Plumbing Rock Fountains

If you’ve done every little thing properly approximately this factor, pipes the rock water fountain will be easy:

Simply get to down under the grate and situate the totally free end of the tubing.

Thread the tubes through the grate and up right into the hole at the end of the rock water fountain.

Guide the tubes the rest of the method via the rock fountain, up until it reaches the top hole (in the picture I have the tubing sticking out even further, simply to make it easier for you to see it; I pushed it pull back some prior to going on to the next action).

In Step 7 the job really gets enjoyable: we turn the water on … 

The Fountain Jet: A Bubbling Spring

With the plumbing in place, currently it’s time to fill the fish pond liner with water as well as turn the pump on, simply to confirm that everything is in order before proceeding.

As my picture shows, the water fountain jet isn’t high. In this situation, the water fountain jet is suggested to remind one of a gurgling springtime.

In Step 8 we’ll start to supply the complements on the rock fountain job … Exactly how to 

Make a Rock Fountain: Finishing Touches

While the stone fountain will certainly be completely practical now, it requires some complements– for decorative functions. Individuals usually don’t desire the grate to reveal, since it isn’t especially appealing. The suggestion is to conceal the grate and also make it appear like the stone fountain is increasing out of the ground. So the final action in making a stone fountain usually include concealing the grate with rocks.

I began by setting out two sorts of rocks in the driveway and also hosing them down, to clean them: brightened river rocks that I had actually acquired as well as other rocks (mostly level rocks) I currently had around the backyard.

In Steps 9 and also 10 I’ll go over the uses for every sort of rock … 

A “Pondless” Rock Water Fountain

This rock fountain is a “pondless” water feature in the sense that, at the end of the project, the pond will be entirely hidden from view and serve simply as a tank. Pondless water fountains are much safer to have around children than are open water functions. Not only the fish pond, but the grate, also, will certainly be hidden.

How is this camouflage accomplished? Through the rocks I showed in the previous step: flat rocks and river rocks. The picture in the here and now action reveals what the task resembled before I added river rocks. The flat rocks occupy a great deal of room, promptly hiding the majority of the pond and also grate.

By the way, concealing the fish pond in this way with stone to make a pondless rock water fountain produces a type of “cave,” which enhances the top quality of the sound of the plunging water.

I reserved my river rock for the location where the water cascading down from the fountain will certainly land; we’ll see the river rock in Step 10 … 

Adding the Sleek River Rock

If I had wanted to achieve a “Zen” fountain look, I would have produced a cool, solid circle of the sleek river rock around my fountain. To do so, nonetheless, would have needed much more refined river rock than what I had. Rather, I utilized various other rock (generally flat rocks) that I contended my disposal to fill most of the space around my fountain– and to cover my grate, so that the sleek river rock would not fall through (see Step 9).

The river rock acts as an accent at the base of my rock water fountain, but it would likewise serve a sensible purpose if I were utilizing an extra effective pump: having smaller, rounded rocks in that area would imply less spilling and also, as a result, much less water loss. The plunging water would delicately strike the refined river rock and alleviate pull back right into the storage tank of the fish pond liner below the fountain.

The complying with web link will certainly take you back to Tip 1, where you can evaluate my photo of the finished rock water fountain. Or if you do not require to review, possibly you would certainly like some concepts for water yard plants suitable for little ponds.

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