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Delivering Mulch to Your Doorstep

Gorgeous landscape design depends greatly on one point: Mulch There are lots of advantages to mulch, including its stellar appearance! While it may feel like it’s a straightforward thing to DIY, there are a great deal of mistakes that you can make when trying to install your own mulch for landscape design.

Do not worry, we’ll talk you with all of those errors – and also, we’ll even walk you with exactly how to do it right.

If it feels like a tiresome task (since it is a laborious task) we’ll tell you all about our practical blow-in compost solution that can care for it in half the time while you drink lemonade on the veranda.

Benefits of Blow In Compost

Curb Appeal

Compost includes rich color and also stunning contrast to your yard.

Soil Wellness

Compost improves the wellness of your soil as it breaks down. Pests and germs take in mulch over time as well as add the spin-offs back to the dirt as raw material.

Climate Protection

Mulch shields plants as well as safeguards them from more severe temperature levels like hot sunlight as well as trendy winter seasons. Compost can extend the life of plants planted later in spring or drop that will certainly go through temperature modifications.

Moisture Preservation

Mulch reduces water absorption and keeps dampness to ensure that you do not need to water as frequently.

Weed Prevention

Mulch avoids weeds from expanding by obstructing the sun. See to it to spread your compost thick sufficient to make sure that the weeds can not appear.

Mulching Mistakes to Avoid

The initial typical blunder is using too much mulch. It’s easy to do and also it might cost you every one of your landscaping. Greater than a few inches will not just make your landscaping soaked as well as prime for plant illness, it will certainly suffocate your plants.

On the other side, insufficient compost can likewise mean difficulty! Mulch assists keep weeds away. If it’s not spread out thick enough, weeds will certainly have not a problem pressing through. If you prefer to not invest your summertime pulling weeds, make sure you have the correct amount of compost!

Make sure not to go too long without replacing your mulch. Compost needs to be replaced at the very least once a year in the spring. We recommend doing it in the spring and also drop if you wish to have the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood all year ’round.

All compost is NOT created equal, so do not buy the wrong kind! Yes, there are cheap and even complimentary mulches, but they aren’t mosting likely to get the job done right. Free mulch often even has chemicals, bugs, or weed seeds! Do not introduce damaging points into your backyard. Opt for compost that you can rely on.

People have all type of innovative, wonderful concepts when it pertains to saving money on landscaping. Missing mulch is NOT one of them. Count on us. Compost not only looks attractive, but it likewise does a great deal of effort for your plants! Compost maintains moisture to make sure that you do not have to water as a lot, conserving your time, as well as saving water. It also prevents weed development by blocking weeds from the sun they need to destroy your yard. Mulch secures plant origins from the weather condition– which, in Michigan– is very crucial.

See to it you avoid all of these blunders by having the professionals deal with your yard. Superior mores than happy to do the job right.

Mulching: How to Do It Yourself

Now that you know what NOT to do, let’s talk about what you should do! Compost feels like a simple task you can knock right out and still get to your afternoon plans, however if you do hurry via it, you’re going to be spending all summertime spending for it.

We’ll give you a few tips to make sure your compost looks and functions its ideal throughout the year.

Clear the location

Spend the moment to pick up appearance twigs, rocks, and also leaves from your yard. Pull all the weeds by hand, or make use of a weed killer.

Select a distribution site

If you have actually chosen to DIY (rather than using our hassle-free blow-in solution), you’ll need to decide where to have your compost supplied. See to it to pick a place that the vehicle can reach without ruining your grass, or off-roading.


Using a square shovel, put the blade between the yard bed as well as the yard or sidewalk to produce a clean line between them. Develop a trench 2 inches deep and also 3-4 inches wide in between grass and also a yard bed, and also 2 inches much deeper than the side of the concrete in between concrete and a garden bed. If your garden bed is big, utilize a mini-tiller or rent out a bed edger from your regional equipment store. You can likewise utilize a leaf blower to tidy up the displaced dirt.

Spread out the mulch

Utilize a pitchfork to pick-up the mulch. Drop the compost right into a big wheelbarrow. Push the wheelbarrow to your setup website and also drop the mulch in tiny heaps throughout the site. Spread the compost with a rake until it’s uniformly 2-4 inches deep across the complete garden bed. Make certain not to cover tree trunks or plant stems as this will certainly create plant illness and also draw in bugs.

Tidy the area.

Utilize a fallen leave blower to swiftly blow any displaced dirt or mulch. You can additionally utilize it to ravel the mulch on the top.

Blow-In Mulch Solution

Superior’s mulch blowers make setting up mulch a wind! If you want the most convenient and lovely installation experience, blow-in compost solution is the means to go.

How does it function?

Nashville Landscaping’s fleet of mulching trucks offers us the capacity to mount countless cubic lawns of material daily. We focus on efficiency, accuracy, as well as interest to detail at each website. Conserve big amounts of time by partnering with Superior!

Why utilize blow-in compost solution?

Blow-In compost service saves time and effort. Installing mulch the “antique” way is physically demanding, takes hrs, and yields less expert results.

What are the benefits of compost blowing?


Utilizing a blow-in mulch service saves lots of time! That indicates your landscaping will prepare to display prior to you know it.


Blow-In Mulch solution is relative in expense to various other techniques of installment however saves so much energy and time.

High Quality Completion

Our technique of installment guarantees also circulation at the appropriate depth. This is challenging to achieve when DIYing.

Less Physically Demanding

Do It Yourself compost installment can be very hard on backs due to the fact that it entails repeated heavy training. This can trigger irreversible back problems if done improperly.


If your backyard has little, high, or hard to get to areas, our blower trucks can reach them no worry.

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