Lawn Care

 Lawn Care Services

You may think that because Middle Tennessee has some of the most fertile soil in the US means that Nashville lawn care services aren’t needed. However, the opposite of that is true. The torrential rains of Springtime, the hot, muggy Summers, and the wet Winters create perfect breeding grounds for weeds and lawn disease. This can render even the best lawn to fall to disease and make the greenest, best kept lawns brown and decayed.

Due to this fact, if you are looking for the best, regular lawn maintenance crew in Nashville, consider Nashville Landscaping and their locally customized lawn care plans. When it comes to residential lawn care in Nashville, TN, our local experts know all of the conditions which may affect your lawn and help prevent and potential disease or destruction to your property. 


Nashville Landscaping Process for Local Residents

Our local, expert, certified lawn care specialists at our Nashville landscaping headquarters are trained and qualified to deal with the unique problems that can be caused by Tennessee’s rich soil and distinctive climate. When we first visit your residential or commercial property, we’ll perform an analysis of the earth around your home to determine which type of grass best fits the climate of your property. 

We’ll also examine for common lawn diseases that affect the Nashville area like: brown patch and red thread. These can be present even if your lawn isn’t currently being affected by it. We will also check for any common lawn weeds like crabgrass, clover, and dandelion. Once we identify any and all of the problems you lawn may face, we will begin feeding and fertilizing your lawn every 4 to 6 weeks to improve the nutrient availability, and help control any rooting and micro-organism activity.

Additional Lawn Care Services We Perform in Nashville, TN

While we begin the process for building a healthy, lush Nashville-worthy lawn, we will also recommend any additional lawn care services that we believe best fit your unique needs. These suggestions may include:

  • Weed controlWe eliminate any and all existing weeds common in the Nashville area with our targeted weed control. We ensure that they don’t come back with our pre-emergent weed-killing services, and fertilization. All of our methods are natural and safe so that you can continue to live life outside without any compromises.
  • Aeration and overseeding: We perform this service to ensure that your grass gets the life-sustaining oxygen it needs. Aeration services remove plugs of earth from your lawn to increase the transfer of air, water, and necessary nutrients to your soil to promote a greener lawn. This is perfect for overseeding, which ensures that your lawn is looking green, dense, lush, and healthy and to prevent weeds to popping up.
  • Tree & Shrub Care Plan: Our Nashville Landscaping experts detect any pesky critters and insects and/or diseases which may be infecting your landscape. If there are any present, we use targeted control techniques to eliminate them and take preventative measures to protect your trees and shrubs from future pests and disease.
  • Pest Control Services: One of the most harmful and dangerous pests in Tennessee and especially Nashville is the white grub. White grubs are a type of beetle larvae that can do some significant damage to your lawn, even if they aren’t noticeable. Our experts can help detect and rid your lawn of white grubs and any other lawn-damaging insects. We can also help rid your yard of ants, spiders, chiggers, ticks and fleas. We do this all while keeping your family safe from being exposed to any harmful insect repellents. 

The result of such care is that your family can continue to enjoy your lawn while also elevating your curb appeal and home value. Nashville Landscaping will work tirelessly until you are 100% satisfied with your lawn.