Snow & Ice

Snow and Ice Management Services in Nashville, TN


Our professional staff is prepared to keep your property and home safe and open during any time of Winter weather! We can handle any size of property ranging from residential homes to commercial businesses. We will do whatever it may take to meet any of our client’s needs. Nashville Landscaping is the largest self-performing snow removal services in Nashville, TN. We pride ourselves in the fact that we service over 90% of Nashville properties and only sub accounts to our trustworthy and long-time service partners. When you choose Nashville Landscaping company for your snow and ice management needs.

Snow Plowing

During or after an event of snow and ice, we will have your parking lot, sidewalk, roads, or driveways cleared of snow and ice before you take on your day. This will allow for easy access for commercial businesses and their customers and allow for you to have safe access to your home. After a continued snow event, we will come back to your property and perform any necessary clean up routines that may not have been possible due to traffic or time. We have all of the necessary equipment to handle any type of snow or ice event.

Sidewalk Clearing and Removal

To ensure the safety of yourself, employees, customers, and family, during any event of snow and ice! Nashville Landscaping will have your sidewalks free of snow and properly salted before you open for business and ensure that they are clear all day long. Allow for us to take on the worry and let us help keep you and others from any risk of injury from slips or falls.

Salting Services

-Ice is a major part of winter and something that we take very seriously. Our fleet of salt trucks and sidewalk equipment allow us to treat all parking lots and sidewalks during an ice event. We remain flexible and use the specific form of salt that will be most effective to melt and clear ice off your parking lots and sidewalks.

During the winter months, ice can be a very serious hazard. This is something that we take very seriously. Our team and trucks filled with all of the necessary equipment to treat sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways during an ice storm. We remain flexible and available to come at any time. We use a specific form of salt that is the most effective at melting snow and ice and freeing your driving space from harmful black ice and snow piles.

Smart Salt Application

In order to preserve and protect the environment and leave as little impact as possible, we are very cautious with the amount of salt we use. Although we like to be as efficient as possible with our salt use in order to prevent any potential mishaps or accidents, we require our company to be certified with our salt application. Our crew practices smart salt application techniques and use a variety of methods to stay as efficient and effective as possible.

Snow Hauling and Stacking

At Nashville Landscaping, we understand that your property will pose unique and specific challenges when it comes to a snow or ice storm. With each property we take on, we also understand there are times and places where snow cannot be piled up. Our goal is to maintain traffic and to maximize the space in which you have to operate. We do this by offering snow removal and stacking services.

Parking Lot Sweeping

After the snow has cleared and the weather is back to brighter and sunnier days, Nashville Landscaping will arrive to help sweep off your lot or driveway. During the event of a snow storm, parking lots, streets, and driveways can collect a lot of salt, sand, and other debris. Once the snow and ice has cleared, we will come with blowers and sweeping machines to clear your lots.